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Cannabis: the Mediterranean way

Where olive trees grow for centuries. Among hectares of land planted with fruit and vineyards, Pharma Puglia cultivates and transforms the best qualities of medical cannabis. Pharma Puglia represents a return to a traditional cultivation that is nine centuries old, because it  started in 1200 and continued until the end of the 1800s.

The Company

Pharma Puglia was born in 2019 from the meeting of managerial skills in the international development of large-scale business with decades of experience in intensive cultivation in the Puglia region.
The goal of Pharma Puglia is the production of the best qualities of cannabis for therapeutic and personal care purposes, with an integrated and vertical production that, starting from cultivation, reaches the commercialization, passing through all the phases of product transformation. Production in Pharma Puglia is also environmentally friendly, thanks to the widespread use of renewable energy sources.

Pharma Puglia in Figures*

K sq.m

Vegetative Extension

K sq.m

Flowering Extension


Estimate kg of Flower


Estimate kg of Biomass

*By the end of 2025

The Production

Depending on the final product, there are 14 stages of therapeutic cannabis production process. Those can be divided into three ares:

  • Cultivation (vegetation, flowering and harvesting)
  • Production (bucker, trimming, drying and milling)
  • Extraction (extraction, winterization, filtration, fractional distillation, decarboxylation, chromatography and filling capping)

Pharma Puglia carries out internally all the activities of these 3 production phases.

Production Steps

The Production Plants and the Territory

Pharma Puglia will create over 70 greenhouses in the plants owned in Molfetta, Giovinazzo and Candela, for a flowering area of 975 square meters. The only plant for drying and extraction will have a covered area of over 24k square meters.